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Low Flat Vase Style
U-Shape Vase Style
Funnel Vase Style
Banquests, Dinners, or Parties

All  arrangements:  price range $50 and above


Ikebana Florals

Price includes DELIVERY and PICKUP of the vase

Price does NOT include the vase for Ikebana arrangements. The Ikebana vases are provided and must be returned. I will deliver the arrangement and pick the Ikebana vase up

Traditional Florals

Price includes delivery

Vases are included in the Traditional florals

Flowers are seasonal, so I will recreate the ikebana arrangement as close as possible to the one you select
Please allow seven-day lead time for single orders and two months for large orders and banquets
A deposit will be required for large orders and banquets to prepare mock-ups for approval before the final arrangement

To Order your Ikebana Floral Design Contact Jeanne Fujii

Call: 206-551-5101



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